Common Mistakes Made By Youth Football Coaches


Each year, the football coaches do some mistakes. Though drills seem to be very busy and footballish but these is a waste of time and standing for a long time without doing anything in practice hours and not studying any new things for next game, failed to scout opposite players, and many other things. If you need to learn the football drills for kids, you must find the best coach who can teach you all the drills available for kids to play the match efficiently.

You must learn this lesson and ensure you spend valuable time on practice.

You must avoid your relations as assistant coaches. When the assistant coach is your brother, father uncle, sister, spouse or any other relatives then they will fight with you for each and everything. You must make sure that you do not have your close relatives or longtime friends as your assistant coach.

Many young football leagues waste time in doing low-priority drills or conditioning. Rather you can run a no-huddle during the period time and also concentrate on walk-through when doing drills. You must aware that you will get only less time to practice with your entire team members so you should use that time efficiently. During the practice time when you spent time on running a no-huddle will give you more work when conditioning your players.

To get efficient practice, there must be minimal standing-around time will train them better conditioning than complete drills including gassers, running the stadium steps, grass drills etc. Teaching staffs must assure that every player aware their priority, practice efficiently during their entire practice time starting from the initial practice session.

The young football practice elements have coaches talking with the players for 3-5 minutes in each play and the players stand around them for listening to them. The problem for not performing well on either individual players or the entire team must be fixed and the coordinator responsible for the segment should speak out load and must decide when the next play starts.

Some coaches failed to find out the common problems such as incomplete passes or repeated fumbled handoffs. Any prestigious positions have been given based on nepotism rather than the ability of the players and the actual requirement of the team. Then such practices must be avoided henceforth.

Being a football coach, you must find out the ways to win rather than telling reasons for losing. You must drill the players and motivate the players to do all drill types based on the game requirement. You should prevent playing more number of plays, defenses and formations. Apart from the above common mistakes, there are several other mistakes a young football coach made. To improve the performance of the team, the mistakes must be prevented and must do good practices that enhance your team performance.

There are many reasons for the failure of the youth football team players. Some of them are the players are very small or the team members are performing very slower than the opposite teams etc.

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